DIGIPASS KEY 101 offers strong authentication and digital signatures in a single ‘plug-and-play’ device. It can be used for various purposes such as remote and local access, desktop and application log-on, disk encryption and transaction signing. It combines the strength of certificate-based authentication with the simplicity and portability of a built-in USB reader. The solution is used in conjunction with DIGIPASS CertiID, a client-based software suite offering digital signing capabilities.

DIGIPASS KEY 101 - 265 x 220

DIGIPASS KEY 101 has been developed to meet the growing security needs of medium & large corporations, governments and banks. The USB device fits every computer and requires no hardware installation. Large scale deployment can be handled efficiently and economically due to its lightweight, compact size. 

For enterprises it offers a solution for local and remote access to the network and business critical applications, locking of workstations, disk and file encryption, digital signature of e-mails and confidential documents, and physical access. 

In the banking segment DIGIPASS KEY 101 helps to comply with more stringent financial regulations (Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA) and enhanced security requirements. PKI technology is used for digital signature of transactions.


Enhanced security

DIGIPASS KEY 101 offers a solution for strong authentication, secure access and secure transactions. It is ideally suited to protect desktop access and secure data through digital signing. All signing operations will require a PIN-code

Cost reduction

DIGIPASS KEY 101 offers full smart card capability with the benefit of not having to invest in smart card readers

Suited for mass deployment

Due to its convenient size and light weight the device is extremely well suited for large deployments

Convenience of use

DIGIPASS KEY 101 has been designed to simplify the complexity of PKI-environments. The solutions does not require understanding or prior knowledge about PKI for the end-user

Supports multiple operating systems

DIGIPASS KEY 101 supports operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS x without installment of dedicated drivers

Element Details
  • 73.5 mm X 23.5 mm X 10.5 mm
  • 10 g (includes product cap)
  • 10-digit serial number and bar code on the back side
  • Lens LED orange and green on the lateral for activity access
  •  2.0 (full speed, low speed), connector type A
  • Blue transparent housing with blue non-transparent USB cap with VASCO logo (unless otherwise specified)




DIGIPASS KEY 101 is an easy-to-use end-user device which can be used for local and remote access, desktop and application log-on, disk encryption, data, e-mail and transaction signing.

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