Healthcare Information Security

Healthcare organizations remain under attack. They are especially vulnerable targets for data breaches due to the value directly associated with, as well as linked to, the abundant data stored on their networks. Rigorously protecting confidential patient information is more important—and more challenging—than ever before.
Hacker attacks in the healthcare sector increased 600% in 2014 -TechNewsWorld


While healthcare organizations must deploy advanced security solutions to protect high-value data and comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, they must also address customer demands. Patients and practitioners alike want easy and instant access to information and apps that enable quick and cost-efficient delivery of quality care.

  • Securing Access to Patient Data

    Healthcare organizations must control access to protected health information (PHI) stored in Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications and made available via portals for healthcare providers and patients.

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  • Protecting Electronic Prescriptions

    Strong regulations and patient safety initiatives are driving Healthcare organizations to ensure that only authorized physicians can prescribe controlled substances in order to limit abuse and guarantee that patients receive the correct medication.

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  • Safeguarding Mobile Health Apps

    Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of patient ePHI (Electronic protected healthcare information) and the unauthorized manipulation of mHealth (Mobile health) apps by hackers is essential in promoting trusted communication between provider and patient.

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  • Healthcare Compliance

    Whether federally mandated or state-specific, healthcare industry initiatives, tied to strong identity management, continue to proliferate. A Healthcare organization’s partners must provide solutions that fully address enhanced security, secured transactions and regulatory compliance.

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  • Securing Patient Portals

    Patients want their medical records to remain secure and confidential. Healthcare organizations must develop internal controls, built on trusted digital identities, that ensure convenient and secure access to private records by patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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Healthcare Digital Identity Security

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VASCO protects the world’s most sensitive data and offers a suite of strong, scalable, and easy-to-deploy solutions tailored to help healthcare organizations protect identities, safeguard patient records, and enable compliance with regulations. Our diverse portfolio provides a one-stop shop for security solutions across all types of organizations in the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare One stop shop

One-Stop Security Shop

VASCO addresses all healthcare information security requirements. We ensure compliance, authenticate users, secure access, and protect assets and apps.


Ensured Compliance

VASCO security solutions are certified according to global standards and regulations, including: NIST SP 800-63-2, the DEA's rule on EPCS, HIPAA, and FIPS 140-2 regarding cryptographic modules.


Seamless Authentication

No need for practitioners to carry around multiple tokens. The same token can be reused across multiple healthcare applications, including EHR, eRX, VPN and webmail.


Diverse Security Portfolio

Our products and services address all critical security and regulatory requirements for healthcare.

Our Products

Our patented trust-based security products meet your unique requirements through a rich set of customizable client, server, hardware, software and cloud-based options.

Authenticator - 80 X 80

DIGIPASS Authenticators

Authenticators provide proof of identity through two-factor authentication and are a leading security solution worldwide.

MYDIGIPASS lock - 80 x 80

MYDIGIPASS for Healthcare

All aspects of digital identity management are covered on a single, fully integrated platform.

Developer tools - 80 X 80

Application Security Tools

With our API-based authentication platform, developers can secure virtually any existing application.

Cloud services - 80 X 80

Document eSignatures

Reduce cost and accelerate time to market by adopting our eSignLive document-signing solution.

Healthcare banner

Are you protecting patient data according to regulatory requirements?

Find out how to ensure compliance, authenticate users, secure access, and protect assets and apps with VASCO solutions.

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Read the latest white papers, eBooks, capabilities brochures and industry briefs; view infographics, on-demand webinars and videos at your convenience.

Product Brief

MYDIGIPASS for Healthcare

MYDIGIPASS for Healthcare is a comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations, EHR and eRx vendors that helps ensure EPCS compliance for prescribers and offers enhanced security for HIE, provider and patient portal access. From identity proofing and provisioning to secure login and fulfilment – all aspects of digital identity management are covered on a single, fully integrated platform.



DIGIPASS GO 7 is a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certified one-time password (OTP) hardware token – a convenient single-button authentication device that boosts security while providing unmatched user acceptance. DIGIPASS GO 7 also supports VASCO’s Multi OTP technology, offering enhanced security for organizations who need to secure multiple applications with a single DIGIPASS.

Solution Brief

Using Trusted Digital Identities and Multi-Factor Authentication to Secure Patient Portals

The electronic patient portal, a virtual yet highly efficient channel for physicians and patients to exchange information, is rapidly emerging as a digital complement to the traditional office visit.


EPCS Compliance for Cerner Millennium

DEA regulations mandate the use of two-factor authentication when a prescription for a controlled substance is submitted electronically.

White Paper

The Evolution of the Digital Identity in Healthcare

If your healthcare organization still relies on static unsecure usernames and passwords, read this white paper to understand why this risky practice should no longer be acceptable.

White Paper

Two Factor Authentication and Digital Identity Management

Within a short period of time, passwords will get more antiquated as we move toward more e-services in healthcare. So it’s time to look for a new method based on an interoperability requirement and the mandates of healthcare reform. Download this Research report to learn what the experts in the field are saying.

White Paper

Securing Data Access Within the Healthcare Industry

Learn how to help your healthcare organisation integrate and adopt security without compromising the user experience.

Solution Brief

Compliant Digital Identity Management Solutions for Healthcare

The proliferation of digital patient information and a surge in government regulations are forcing a shift in the healthcare industry. As the entire healthcare community adopts digital processes and web-based systems for patient data, the need for stronger security and compliance measures grows exponentially.

Solution Brief

VASCO Solutions for Healthcare Providers Overview (US)

As the healthcare industry continues to transform, practitioners and providers require advanced solutions for reducing cybersecurity threats and safeguarding patient information. Growing adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and e-prescribing places the burden on organizations to comply with EPCS, HIPAA and other federal and state regulations.

Solution Brief

VASCO Solutions for HIT Vendors Overview (US)

Today, HIT vendors face mounting pressure to offer secure, intuitive systems and applications that comply with strict government regulations and meet growing demands for protection of identities and control over sensitive data. But ensuring the security and compliance of data can’t disrupt fast access to healthcare applications and patient information.

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