Securing Access to Patient Data

Patients accessing their Electronic Health Records (EHRs) want to ensure their medical records remain confidential. They also want to be sure that only authorized healthcare professionals can access them. When that doesn’t happen, a patient’s protected health information (PHI) is at risk. Federal law directs doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers to notify patients that their health records have been breached when a breach affects 500 or more individuals.



According to Healthcare IT News(1), more than 8 in 10 physicians reported EHRs allowed them to use computerized prescription order entry to record clinical notes (including patient’s medications, allergies, and problem lists) and to view laboratory results. Nurses, too, increasingly access EHRs to enter retrieve and update individual records, to document workflow and billing and, in general, to improve clinical accuracy that favor positive patient outcomes.

Each of these instances often requires multiple authentication methods, often for different applications.




Integrating digital identity management within a living identity ecosystem is vital, especially when it comes to securing access to EHRs by providers as well as patients.

The VASCO Trust Platform is a unique ecosystem built on trusted digital identities. It helps healthcare organizations to make a shift from securing individual unconnected pieces to delivering a complete security solution based on trust that allows patients and providers alike to do more, with greater convenience and productivity.

VASCO offers several convenient and secure authentication options for healthcare organizations including: User-friendly CRONTO technology, intuitive hardware and software-based OTP, push notification and leading fingerprint and face recognition biometric solutions.

Solution options include:

  • Easy to use (one touch button device)

  • Fully supported by VACMAN and IDENTIKEY products

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certified cryptographic module

DIGIPASS for Mobile:
  • Frictionless, authentication and e-signing experience for mobile users

  • Integrated with VASCO's patented CRONTO technology and Open QR codes

CRONTO - Patented Color QR Code Authentication:
  • Convenient means of authentication for healthcare providers as well as patients
  • Enables patients as well as providers to quickly, safely and simply access medical applications and electronic health records

DIGIPASS for Apps:
  • Comprehensive SDK that natively integrates application security, two-factor authentication and transaction signing into mobile applications

  • Drives new levels of interconnected mobile app security and intelligence without performance lags or customer visibility 

  • Easy to use

     - Biometric Authentication (selfie, fingerprint)
     - Support for push notifications

emptyMYDIGIPASS for Healthcare:
  • Certified as full-service Credential Service Provider (CSP) at NIST SP 800-63 Level of Assurance 3 under the SAFE-BioPharma FICAM Trust Framework
  • One-stop shop for EHR vendors and hospitals that includes: identity proofing, credential issuance and delivery

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server:
  • Verifies authentication requests from individuals trying to access the corporate network or business applications
  • Enables remote and local users to quickly and easily prove their claimed identity through a dynamically generated one-time password (OTP)
  • Offers secure and seamless access to corporate resources and applications: from SSL VPNs to cloud-based apps, simplifying authentication management for administrators and users alike

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